Wholesale Wedding Bubbles

Introduction to Wholesale Wedding Bubbles

Wholesale Wedding Bubbles

The use of bubbles at weddings is becoming more and more popular every year.  Many wedding planners are realising how easy and maintenance free wedding bubbles can be.  They are fun to use and guests of all ages will enjoy watching the bubbles float away as the couple drives off to begin their honeymoon.  They are easy to use, easy to distribute and require no clean up because the bubbles just pop and disappear into the air.

Wedding bubbles first started to be used as a replacement for rice to shower the couple with as they left the church or reception hall.  Lately, couples have been adding the use of bubbles to their receptions too in order to get the most use out of the bubbles.  Often the couple will request that the guests blow bubbles during the couple’s first dance to add a romantic setting for them and to give their guests something to do while watching them dance.  Adding wholesale wedding bubbles to your wedding and reception can be a fun and ideal touch to your special day.

Wide Selection

The popularity of wedding bubbles has made producers of these products develop many different styles of wholesale wedding bubbles.  This gives wedding planners today a large array of wedding bubble containers to choose from.  Wholesale wedding bubbles come in either bottles or tubes allowing you to decide which style you like.  The tubes are a little cheaper and hold less bubble solution but are easy to handle and both styles look very pretty.

Wholesale wedding bubbles are designed with traditional wedding symbols in mind like hearts, wedding cakes, love, doves and champagne glasses just to name a few.  You can buy wedding bubble bottles that come in the shape of one of these various symbols or you can select a bottle or tube that has one of the figurines attached to the top.  If you are looking to save as much money as you can, plain bottles can be purchased and you can simply add a ribbon or sticker to the bottle to make it look pretty.  The plain bottles will be substantially less expensive.


If you are planning on using wedding bubbles, your best solution for finding the cheapest prices is to buy wholesale wedding bubbles.  Wholesalers are able to offer you a lower price because by purchasing directly from them you are able to cut out the middle man (or the store) and receive them at a better cost.  Most wholesalers will require you to purchase your wholesale wedding bubbles in bulk but since you are buying them for all of your wedding guests this should not be a problem.

Most wholesalers have very reasonable shipping costs and deliver in a timely manner but before you make your final selection check over their shipping costs and policies.  You absolutely want to be sure that they will have your wholesale wedding bubbles shipped to you in time for the wedding.  The best thing about wedding bubbles is that they are delivered ready to use so you do not need to put any extra work into getting them ready for your big day.

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