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Introduction to Wedding Bubbles UK

Wedding Bubbles UK

When planning for your wedding ceremony, tradition plays a very important role in how we choose to celebrate the day.  Sometimes we do not even fully understand the meaning behind the tradition but none the less they are equally important to us.  The tradition of showering the bride and groom with rice is a tradition that dates back to the ancient Roman times.  In those days, they threw types of grain that was available to them and as the years went by the tradition transformed into rice.

The meaning behind this tradition is to shower the couple with good wishes for a long, happy and prosperous life together.  This is a great tradition that allows every guest to easily participate and show their good will toward the couple.  In recent years, rice has become problematic because it is messy and has been known to be a slipping hazard.  Because of these facts, many wedding venues have prohibited the use of rice and birdseed.  Not wanting to end the tradition, many brides have decided to substitute the rice with bubbles.  Wedding bubbles UK offer couples the chance to keep the tradition alive while leaving no mess behind.

A Perfect Solution

As more brides are turning to the use of wedding bubbles in the UK, they are discovering that this solution has a lot of benefits to it.  First of all, bubbles are fun for all ages as even the smallest child can participate by blowing bubbles for the bride and groom.  The mass display of bubbles will also provide a pretty setting as the newly married couple leaves the church or reception hall.  Some couples even opt to have the guests blow bubbles while they are having their first dance because it creates a romantic setting.  Wedding bubbles in the UK can also show up very nicely on pictures and offer a pretty backdrop.

People are also deciding to use wedding bubbles in the UK as a party favour that their guests will be able to keep as a souvenir of their special day.  With the wide array of styles and shapes of wedding bubble containers available, you will surely be able to find the perfect one to match your wedding theme and decorations.  By placing them on the table for the reception or handing them out to your guests, they can be that extra touch you have been looking for.

Purchasing Bubbles

There are many companies online that sell wedding bubbles in the UK and they sell them individually or in packs of 6, 12, 24 or 48.  The more you buy at one time the lower rate you will receive.  You should plan on buying your entire supply for all of your wedding guests in one order.  This will give you the best price and save you money on shipping.

The most important factor that you want to consider when placing your order for wedding bubbles in the UK is the shipping.  You first want to be sure that the supplier you have selected does not charge a high shipping rate.  You also want to carefully read over how long it will take them to have your order ready and ship it to you.  You certainly want to be sure that you will receive it on time.

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