Wedding Bubbles in Bulk

Introduction to Wedding Bubbles in Bulk

Wedding Bubbles in Bulk

With today’s culture being very aware of the environment and the importance of protecting the earth, many people are looking for alternative solutions to their traditions.  When planning a wedding, this same thought is on the mind of many young couples.  The throwing of rice has been a long time tradition that is done at weddings across the globe and has been performed for thousands of years.

Recently people have come to realise the dangers that rice can cause.  Not only does it leave a mess behind, some people believe that if birds eat this uncooked rice it will cause their stomachs to expand and eventually cause the bird to die.  While most experts feel that this is not true, many brides simply do not want to take the chance.  This is why wedding planners were switching over to birdseed for a while.  While birdseed was a good solution and safe for the birds, the problem was that the birds came and with the birds come the big messes that they leave behind.

This led many churches to ban the use of both rice and birdseed which in turn led to the perfect solution of using wedding bubbles.  The bubbles do not cause any environmental damage and they also do not leave a mess behind because they practically disappear in mid air.  This benefit is why many people today are opting to use wedding bubbles in bulk instead of any other alternative.

Designs Available

As the use of bubbles became more popular, manufacturers began making a wider range of types and styles of wedding bubbles that can be bought in bulk.  In today’s market, you will be able to find wedding bubbles in bulk that come in different shaped bottles and/or with little figurines attached to the top of the containers.  These shapes and figurines are designed after popular wedding symbols like a champagne bottle, heart, dove, wedding cake and many more.  No matter what your wedding theme or colour scheme is, you will be able to find the perfect wedding bubble bottle design for you.

Buying in Bulk

Buying wedding bubbles in bulk is your best solution for purchasing them for your wedding.  From your guest list you should be able to determine how many people are coming to your wedding so you should easily be able to deduce how many wedding bubbles you need.  You should have at least one bottle or tube for each guest at your wedding and you should also have some extras just in case.  Once you know how many you need you can move on to purchasing them.

There are many online suppliers that will let you choose their products and then ship them right to your home.  By purchasing your wedding bubbles in bulk, you will be sure to get the best price for them because the more you buy the cheaper the item becomes per bottle.  When buying in bulk you usually have to purchase the bubbles in packs of at least 48 bubble containers.  Since you will be purchasing the wedding bubbles for all of your wedding guests buying in bulk should not be a problem.

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