Wedding Bubbles Favours

Introduction to Wedding Bubbles Favours

Wedding Bubbles Favours

Since the days of ancient Rome, wedding guests have been showering the wedding couple as a symbol of good wishes for a happy and prosperous life together.  Through the years, many different types of grains and seeds have been used to shower the couple as they head off into their new life together.  As many weddings have moved from the family home or outdoor weddings to a larger church or private reception hall location, the use of such grains has become problematic.  This has caused many people to look for alternative solutions.

Due to the mess they create and the potential slipping hazard, many wedding venues have prohibited the use of rice or birdseed.  With this in mind, wedding bubbles favours have quickly become the most used and most liked source for showering the happy couple with good wishes.  Wedding bubble favours leave behind no mess to clean up and are fairly inexpensive and quick to hand out.  Everyone will have fun trying to see how many well wishes or ‘bubbles’ they can send to the newly married couple.

Many Designs

Wedding bubbles favours come in so many shapes, styles and types that you will certainly be able to find one that you both love and matches the theme and colours of your wedding.  Some of the bubble containers come in different shapes like a wedding cake, champagne glass or hearts.  You can also purchase wedding bubble favours that have a topper on the container.  These toppers also come in many different shapes like flowers (that can match your specific colour scheme), doves or butterflies.

You can also add a label to your wedding bubbles favours that will include the bride and grooms name and the date of their special day.  This will allow those guests who want to keep the favours as a souvenir to always remember whose wedding they received the bubbles at.  This is a way to add a personal touch to your wedding bubbles favours and make them specific for your wedding.  This label can come in white which will match most bubble containers but you can also get clear labels that make it look more like the wording was engraved onto the bottle.

Use as Wedding Favours

The great thing about using bubbles is they make the perfect wedding favours for you to hand out to your guests.  These wedding bubbles favours can be a lasting souvenir for your guests to remember your special day.  They make a nice added decoration to the tables at your reception or they can also look stunning when placed in a basket for easy distribution.

Purchasing wedding bubbles favours can be easily done through many sites on the internet.  Generally, they come already filled with bubble solution and are ready to use.  Each bottle with come with a topper that has a wand attached that is used to blow the bubbles.  These favours need little to no time to put together and are relatively inexpensive as they only cost between £4 to £14 for a pack of twenty-four wedding bubbles favours.

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