Double Heart Wedding Bubbles

Introduction to Double Heart Wedding Bubbles

Double Heart Wedding Bubbles

All over the world, there are different wedding customs and traditions.  Every one of these different customs and traditions is meant to bring happiness, wealth and health to the just married couple.  In the UK, it is believed that the best day to get married is Wednesday, whilst marrying on Tuesday will bring the newly weds health and marrying on Monday will bring them wealth.  On the other hand, it is believed that it is bad luck to get married on Saturday, although most of the weddings today take place on this day, for practical reasons.  As far as the seasons for the wedding go, the summer is the most popular one and the couples that decide on having their wedding during the winter most commonly have the ceremony around Christmas.

Organising the Wedding and Choosing the Accessories

After the date has been chosen, the soon to be married couples have to carefully plan the happy occasion.  The first thing from the long to do list for any wedding is choosing the bridal gown and menswear.  The harder part of planning the wedding is choosing all the wedding accessories.  The reason for that is the fact that there are many different accessories and each of the accessories comes in many shapes, colours and sizes.  For instance, choosing wedding bubbles can seem like an easy thing to do, considering its purpose – to shower the bride and the groom with blessings on their way out from the church.  However, after realising how many different styles of wedding bubbles there are, couples might have some trouble deciding on only one.

Double Heart Wedding Bubbles

As it has already been mentioned, there are many different styles of wedding bubbles – heart and double heart wedding bubbles, champagne wedding bubbles, wedding cake bubbles and many others.  The most romantic ones are double heart wedding bubbles, as they symbolise two hearts joined together.  The most commonly sold type of double heart wedding bubbles are 2 inches tall white wedding bubbles and they are usually sold in packs of 24 pieces.

Things to Pay Attention to when Buying Double Heart Wedding Bubbles

When buying double heart wedding bubbles, it is very important to gather all the information about these wedding accessories. If bought online, it is necessary to find out how much time will it take for them to be delivered in order to avoid any problems that might occur with the delivery being late. Also, it is very important to choose double heart wedding bubbles that will not leave any stains on the clothes of the bride, the groom and the guests.


Wedding bubbles can be found in many different colours, meaning that the bubbles made can be pink or blue, for example. Owing to this fact, it is easy to see how wedding bubbles can be used to make the occasion very romantic and make, for instance, the first dance of the newlyweds special and unforgettable.

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