Discount Wedding Bubbles

Introduction to Discount Wedding Bubbles

Discount Wedding Bubbles

Throwing rice on a newly married couple as they leave the church has been a long time tradition meant to send warm wishes to the couple.  Rice was traditionally used because it is white and natural which goes along with the typical wedding colours.  However, if you have ever been in charge of cleaning up after the rice, you would know what a mess it can make.  Many believe that rice can cause damage or even death to birds if they eat it and this eventually caused many brides to used birdseed instead of rice.  As you can image, birdseed brought the birds out and along with the birds came their messes.

With both rice and birdseed leaving quite a mess behind, many wedding planners are choosing to use discount wedding bubbles.  Bubbles have proven to be a very useful and cost effective alternative.  Bubbles leave absolutely no mess behind because they virtually disappear in thin air.  They are also fun and everyone enjoys both blowing bubbles and watching bubbles.  Even pictures show up very beautiful with bubbles in the background.

Where to Buy

After deciding to use discount wedding bubbles, where to purchase them is your next step.  The first step you should make is to determine which style of wedding bubbles you want.  You can purchase bottles that come in shaped containers like bells, hearts and champagne bottles or you can choose a bottle with a figurine attached to the top of the bottle like doves, butterflies or hearts.  Either solution will offer you a beautiful display for your discount wedding bubbles.

The cheapest way to buy discount wedding bubbles is to buy them in bulk.  Most stores make it so that the more you buy at a time the cheaper they will be.  Wedding bubbles are typically packed in set of 6, 12, 24 or 48 and if you buy them in packs of 48 you will be able to save the most amount of money.  This may leave you with a few extra bottles but you are sure to have a couple of guests who want more than one, especially the children.

Buying in bulk will also save you on shipping costs because you will just be paying one price rather than for individual packaging.  Be sure to calculate the shipping costs into the price of your discount wedding bubbles before deciding what online company to purchase them from.  Just because the cost per discount wedding bubbles bottle is cheaper it may not make your total purchase price lower once the shipping is added.

To receive even a greater discount, you can purchase discount wedding bubbles that come in a tube versus a bottle.  These are still very pretty and come with a wide range of toppers like heart, dove and wedding bells.  The tubes may not hold as much bubble solution but they will still have plenty in them to send the bride and groom off in style.

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