Daisy Wedding Bubbles

Introduction to Daisy Wedding Bubbles

Daisy Wedding Bubbles

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, whilst some couples hang tight to their traditions, others prefer rather unconventional ways of celebrating their joyful unions.  Unexpected wedding settings, spectacular wedding outfits or unusual music are part of a wedding saga highly desirable by people who like to break traditions and customs, bringing something fresh and lovely to mark the start of their new life together.  One of the rather innovative ways of adding detail to the spectacular exit of the newlyweds is by using daisy wedding bubbles.

Adding a Special Touch

Many couples of various countries are used to exiting the church or the wedding reception in a shower of rice, yet more and more people prefer a different kind of wedding favour comprising millions of delicate bubbles.  Blowing bubbles is definitely better than throwing rice or confetti at the newlyweds for it consists of a hassle-free alternative.  Thus, people don’t end up brushing the rice or the confetti off their clothes or hair, not to mention that these magnificent bubbles come in variously decorated bottles, including ones with daisies.  Daisy wedding bubbles give a lovely, decorating touch to wedding reception tables, these flowers being crafted from fine materials such as silk, and looking a lot like real daisies.

Another advantage of blowing daisy wedding bubbles to celebrate the newlyweds is that these cute wedding favours look spectacular in wedding photos, guaranteeing some marvellous après-wedding pictures for the happy couple to remember for years and years to come.

Scented Daisy Wedding Bubbles

Blowing bubbles will provide an exciting, fun and romantic atmosphere, perfect for completing a stage from the life of the newlyweds.  To enhance this typical joyful and magical atmosphere, some people prefer scented bubbles over the neutral unscented ones.  Although decorated with daisies, wedding bubble bottles are available in an exciting variety of scents, from floral ones such as lilac, magnolia or jasmine, to exotic and irresistible blend of fruits and flowers.  The choice for either unscented or scented daisy wedding bubbles is entirely up to the guests and the couple, the latter option being slightly more expensive.

The Cost of Daisy Wedding Bubbles

Viewing the delicate burst of daisy wedding bubbles captures a really magical moment, and for getting to enjoy this effect at a wedding reception, whether it is an indoors or an outdoors one, people don’t even have to pay a significant amount of money.  In fact, the cost of daisy decorated bubble bottles is as low as £5, £6.  These amazing bubbly additions that look so enchanting in wedding pictures come in sets of twelve pieces available in the above mentioned price.  These bottles have unscented bubble solution whilst scented ones come at the additional expense of only £1.

Homemade Daisy Wedding Bubbles

If you care to make an unexpected wedding favour, you might want to create your own daisy wedding bubbles by taking regular bubble tubes and hot gluing delicate silk daisy flowers.  You can choose from a variety of textiles, yet the option of silk daisies will look and feel much better.

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