Champagne Glass Wedding Bubbles

Introduction to Champagne Glass Wedding Bubbles

Champagne Glass Wedding Bubbles

Having bubbles floating all around you and your guests is a beautiful way of celebrating the first magical moments of your recent union.  A bubble frenzy will not only entertain you and the people invited at your wedding, but will also make the ceremony even more festive, and will decorate your wedding pictures as nothing else.

Unleashing a bubbly atmosphere is the perfect alternative for throwing rose petals, seeds, grains, confetti and what else.  Wedding bubbles look more mesmerising and are a lot more fun no matter the age of your guests.  Kids will be delighted to catch the cute bubbles, whilst the adult guests will be excited to blow a shower of bubbles to create a perfectly delightful atmosphere that will be remembered for years to come.

The Champagne Glass Wedding Favour

Whether they’re used to decorate the wedding tables, being available for all the guests to entertain themselves and others with a multitude of exciting bubbles, or blown to mark the church exit of the newly married couple, wedding bubbles are becoming a huge part of the wedding celebration as more and more people are using them to unlock the fun in various moments of the day.

There is a wide range of bubble recipient designs for people to choose from to ensure they match with the whole atmosphere provided by a particular wedding.  Some of the most popular bottles include the champagne glass, whose cap is designed to resemble the foam made by this delicious drink.

Inside a champagne glass wedding bubble tube is the soapy solution that will unleash the bubbles into the air, a solution whose formula is non-toxic and non-stainable, being safe to use by all the guests, including children.  The ladies, as well as the bride won’t have to worry about staining their dresses, whilst the bubble champagne glasses won’t break in their fall for they are made of tough plastic to ensure the safety of use in every moment of the ceremony.

Champagne glass wedding bubbles are preferred by many guests over others decorated with flowers, butterflies, doves and what else, not to mention that they look much more festive than other designs available on the market.  Champagne glass wedding bubbles are ideal for marking various moments of the wedding day, including the ones prior to the event, the church exiting part, during the newlyweds’ first dance or to increase the fun throughout the reception.  In fact, their cleverly designed shape will allow guests to snap them from the wedding tables every time they feel the bubble frenzy is appropriate to begin.

Coming in sets of 24 pieces, champagne glass wedding bubbles are more than affordable, the price ranging from several pounds to about £20.  More expensive ones are filled with better bubble solution liquid, whilst the quality of the plastic glass is highly improved.

The festive atmosphere can be easily increased by decorating the champagne flute bubble glass with ribbons and bows matching the colour palette of the wedding.  All the guests have to do is raise the glass and blow a shower of pretty bubbles that will make even the most stubborn child smile during the wedding photo sessions.

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