Butterfly Wedding Bubbles

Introduction to Butterfly Wedding Bubbles

Butterfly Wedding Bubbles

Dating back to antiquity, the custom of throwing things at newly married couples was meant to bring them luck.  Representing fertility and abundance, newlyweds from ancient Rome or Egypt were used to throwing rose petals, rice and so on- a tradition which is still being kept today at most weddings.  The modern times however mark people’s wishes to bring a different approach to old traditions, some current habits including tossing sunflower seeds, paper snowflakes and even blowing bubbles.

Wedding bubbles make a wonderful addition for any church exit or ceremony reception.  They may not have a certain underlying significance attached to them, but the exciting effect of delicate bubbles floating in the air makes them dearly appreciated by many couples to be.

When it comes to the recipients holding the bubble providing solution, the large variety of bottle decorating motives is an opportunity for guests to pick out the wedding favours they think the happy couple will like the most.  One of the most popular bubble tubes available today are those embellished with butterfly-shaped lids, bringing a lovely charm to reception tables.  The majority of butterfly wedding bubbles feature hexagon shaped bottles whose colours range from plain or pearlescent white to brighter colours such as pink or lilac.

A Safe and Hassle-Free Alternative to Rice, Birdseeds or Confetti

Blowing bubbles at the newlyweds is a much more fun alternative to throwing rice or seeds, and given the fact that the latter tend to become quite a nuisance, getting stuck in people’s hair and clothes, bubbles make the perfect wedding favour for the couple and guests to enjoy.  Butterfly wedding bubbles look a lot better in photos compared to confetti and other tiny things that are used to being thrown at weddings, the self-contained wand allowing guests to blow non-staining bubbles that are available in scented and unscented versions.  The special bubble formula is safe for everyone, including children, being non-stainable and non-toxic, so the guests and the newly married couple can have no worries about ruining their special attires.

The Costs of Butterfly Wedding Bubbles

These decorative wedding favours are an easy and affordable way of creating a dreamy and fun atmosphere at church exits and during indoors and outdoors receptions, most of the bubble tubes coming in sets of 24 pieces.  Such sets may be as cheap as a little above £5, whilst the most expensive ones reach prices higher than £10.  Purchasing larger quantities of butterfly wedding bubble bottles is subject to discounts on most sites selling wedding favours, so price is not a concern no matter how small is the guests’ budget.

Additional Embellishments Associated with Butterfly Bubble Recipients

Adding a personal touch to a wedding ceremony is easily achievable by providing bubble bottles that will definitely make everyone perceive the event from a whole new level.  Butterfly wedding bubble bottles look pretty and delicate, but they can be embellished/ further by adding splashes of colour provided by different add-ons such as bells or ribbons and bows that can be simply tied-on the recipients to make them look even more wedding appropriate.  Whatever bottle design is preferred by guests, one thing is certain: fun won’t be missing from the upcoming wedding reception.

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