Wedding Bubbles

Introduction to Wedding Bubbles

Wedding Bubbles

The tradition of showering the bride and groom as they leave the church and/or reception hall dates back to the ancient Roman times. This showering was a symbol of well wishes for the newly married couple and their future together. This symbol was meant to bring them good fertility,abundance and prosperity for the rest of their lives in hopes that they would live a good and happy life together.

Although in ancient Roman times they threw different types of grain, the symbol of good wishes for the couple remains consistent still today.  Today this showering, commonly using wedding bubbles and is still a common tradition and one that involves participation of all of your wedding guests.  This allows them to share your happy day with you by sending you well wishes in the form of wedding bubbles.  As the guests stand on either side of the couple’s exit path, they will be able to shower the newly married couple with hundreds of bubbles.

Benefits of Bubbles

Modern day tradition has commonly used rice when showering the couple after their wedding ceremony.  Rice has recently been frowned upon mainly because of the mess it leaves behind and the potential slipping hazard it can cause.  Although most experts disagree, people believe that the uncooked rice can cause severe damage and even death to birds if they eat it.  Many people want to avoid using rice just to be sure not to cause any damage to the birds.

Wedding bubbles do offer you a wide range of benefits that the other solutions do not.  First, bubbles can add a very beautiful and light setting to your grand exit and they add a bit of texture to the many pictures that will be taken.  Also, there is absolutely no clean up needed because these bubbles are simply able to dissolve and disappear on their own.  Another great benefit is that using wedding bubbles allows everyone, even the smallest toddlers, to get involved in your special day.

Wide Array of Styles

If you choose to purchase wedding bubbles for your ceremony, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide array of different types and styles of wedding bubble containers that are available.  Most of the containers are white but some of them come with toppers on the bottle that can be selected to match the colour theme of your wedding.  The wedding bubble containers also come in many different shapes like wedding bells, hearts or champagne bottles.

If you want to make your wedding bubbles specific to you wedding day, you can have labels placed on them that include the bride and grooms names and the date of the wedding.  This will allow your guests to save the wedding bottle container and keep it as a souvenir of your special day.  In this manner, the wedding bubble can be used as a party favour and a means to get the guests involved in honouring the special couple.  Since they come in such a wide variety, you will also be able to find wedding bubbles that match any wedding theme or décor.

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